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What are Stillz Moonshine Stills?

stillz moonshine stills

Stillz Moonshine Stills builds the most excellent stills. Known as “the highest quality of stills”. Stillz Moonshine Stills are made using Paul Revere Copper which is the finest copper that can be obtained. Stillz Moonshine Stills never cut corners when it comes to fabricating first-class stills and we meticulously polish and inspect them before they are shipped.

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Stillz Moonshine Stills are made with 100% handcrafting and 20oz of 99.9% pure copper. All of the parts are bent, hemmed and beaded for superior strength. They only use lead-free silver bearing solder. Created by highly competent, world-renowned, professionals.  With many still producers appearing all over the world, it is increasingly hard to locate a reliable firm to construct your still. Before you make a selection, take a closer look at the finer details in Stillz Moonshine Stills.

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