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in Appalachia

The copper moonshine stills of Appalachia have long been a part of the cultural heritage and economy of the region. This history tells the tale of generations of Appalachian people who have used these stills to make moonshine, a homemade liquor made from a blend of grains and fruit, for both recreation and industry. Over the last century, the making of moonshine has become a booming tradition in Appalachia, with the use of these stills becoming a way to earn income and sustain subsistence lifestyles. This book will explore the history of these stills, as well as the legacy that they have left behind. It will examine the industrial and agricultural uses of these stills, the challenges they have posed to law enforcement, the role they have played in sustaining this unique Appalachian culture, and the ongoing battles over their consequences. Additionally, the book will look at the stories and characters that have been woven into the fabric of Appalachian history through the use of moonshine stills. Finally, it will explore the future of copper moonshine stills and the impact they will have on the Appalachian region. This book is an engaging and informative look at the history of copper moonshine stills in Appalachia and their modern-day implications.