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Best Moonshine Stills


Moonshine Stills: Craft Homemade Spirits

Moonshine has a rich history deeply rooted in American culture. From the Prohibition era to modern-day craft distilleries, moonshine has evolved into a beloved spirit. If you’re looking to explore the world of homemade spirits, a moonshine still is an essential tool. In this article, we will delve into the art of crafting homemade spirits using moonshine stills.

The Basics of Moonshine Stills

A moonshine still is a device used to distill alcohol at home. It consists of a boiler, a condenser, and a collection vessel. The process involves heating a fermented liquid, such as a mash or wash, to produce vapor. The vapor then passes through the condenser, where it cools and transforms back into liquid form, resulting in a high-proof spirit.

Choosing the Right Moonshine Still

When selecting a moonshine still, there are a few factors to consider. The size of the still should align with your production goals. If you’re a beginner, a smaller still may be more manageable. Additionally, the material of the still is crucial. Copper stills are popular due to their excellent heat conductivity and ability to remove impurities during the distillation process.

The Distillation Process

To craft homemade spirits, you’ll need to follow a distillation process. Firstly, prepare your mash or wash by fermenting a mixture of grains, fruits, or sugar with yeast. Once fermentation is complete, transfer the liquid to the boiler of your moonshine still. Heat the liquid, and as it reaches the boiling point, the alcohol vapor will rise through the still’s column and into the condenser. The condenser cools the vapor, transforming it into liquid form, which is then collected in a separate vessel.

Legal Considerations

Before embarking on your moonshine journey, it’s essential to understand the legalities surrounding homemade spirits. In many countries, distilling alcohol at home without the proper permits is illegal. Ensure you research and comply with local laws and regulations to avoid any legal issues.

Experimenting with Flavors

One of the joys of crafting homemade spirits is the ability to experiment with flavors. After mastering the basic distillation process, you can infuse your spirits with various fruits, herbs, or spices to create unique and personalized flavors. From apple cinnamon moonshine to jalapeno-infused vodka, the possibilities are endless.


Crafting homemade spirits using moonshine stills is a rewarding and exciting endeavor. With the right equipment, knowledge, and adherence to legal guidelines, you can create high-quality spirits that rival commercial brands. Whether you’re a hobbyist or aspiring distiller, the art of moonshine stills opens up a world of creativity and exploration in the realm of homemade spirits. Cheers to the craft of moonshine!

Best Moonshine Stills